SAMKEE EV Research Center focuses on developing safe and competitive EV battery pack technologies and components


EV Battery Modules and Pack

Electric vehicle battery - Module/Pack -

Providing competitive EV battery parts solutions by convergence of material parts technology and process technology

Development of module/pack solution for safety, light weight and cost reduction

We are developing module/pack solutions for safety, light weight, and cost reduction, which are key requirements for EV battery packs
Reflecting the latest development trends of battery packs such as CTP, we are developing large/structured simplified modules and pack housings, as well as developing element technologies to prevent heat congestion
We are striving to provide competitive battery parts solutions by convergence of various material parts technologies and process technologies such as extrusion / die-casting / composite materials / bonding methods

Production of optimized and designed products through various tests
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Simulation Analysis of Vibration Test for Battery Pack

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Analysis and Description of Battery Pack Cooling Efficiency

Based on these analysis capabilities, our research and development team for battery modules/packs is developing a new-concept module/pack structure with high rigidity, thermal runaway safety, and cooling performance for fast charging that are required for next-generation battery pack