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End plate

SAMKEE EV is growing into a global company in EV battery parts with its high technology and quality

SAMKEE EV’s end-plate products are featured in a variety of electric vehicles from global OEMs

BEV End Plate

SAMKEE EV end-plate products are applied to well known EV batteries platforms such as Volkswagen, Porsche, and Ford, and we aim to become a global No. 1 company for EV battery parts with high technology, quality, and cost competitiveness

10 million sets exported per year

SAMKEE EV has been supplying more than 10 million sets of end-plates per year, the key component that ensures the safety of EV batteries

Electric vehicle Battery Safety Components

The end-plates are attached to both ends of the battery module and protect the internal components of the module, including the cells, by preventing the battery cells from being exposed to the outside

Due to the need to protect battery cells from outside impacts, mechanical rigidity should be excellent, and due to the lightweight design requirements of electric vehicles, it is made of aluminum material

When an impact occurs to the battery pack, it is protected in the order of body frame → battery frame → end-plate and mono frame, with the end-plate protecting the battery cells last

End-plates are applied two per battery module, resulting in approximately 20 to 60 end-plates per vehicle, depending on battery pack capacity