Growing into a global leader through continuous R&D and enhanced competitiveness

About us


SAMKEE EV's entrepreneurial spirit is a company
that competes with technology

SAMKEE EV is leading the way of securing competitiveness in EV battery component technology


SAMKEE EV was established in October 2020 as a division of SAMKEE’s electric vehicle battery parts business division

Since its establishment in 1978, SAMKEE Corp. has been leading the die-casting industry in Korea with long experience and professional technology as a specialized aluminum die-casting company that produces automobile parts. As a company that develops and produces die-casting products for the entire automotive sector, including engine, transmission, body, and electric vehicle parts, we’re leaping forward as a global auto parts maker


SAMKEE EV grows into a global leader through manufacturing competitiveness and continuous R&D

Launched as an independent corporation in the EV battery components business in the era of eco-friendly energy, SAMKEE EV will grow into a global leader by leading the production of lightweight materials and safe products with continuous R&D


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